Clarendon Building
Detail of the Sheldonian Theatre from David Loggan (1635-1700), Oxonia illustrata (1675).


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Dunstan Roberts
7 May 2018 - 5:15pm
Weston Library Lecture Theatre, Broad Street, Oxford

The Oxford Bibliographical Society was founded in 1922 to encourage bibliographical research. Membership of the Society is available, on application, to all those interested in manuscripts, printed books and the arts and trades connected with them. Members may attend all the meetings, visits as appropriate, and receive the publications for the years of their membership free.

If you are interested in joining or re-joining the Society, please see the How to Join page.

Registered Charity Number 1162319.

Latest News

New Publication: Catalogue of the medieval manuscripts of Trinity College

The Oxford Bibliographical Society is pleased to announce the publication of the third in its Special Series of Manuscript Catalogues. The volume is The medieval manuscripts of Trinity College, Oxford: a descriptive catalogue by Richard Gameson. The catalogue retails at £100 but is free to members, existing and new (annual subscription £30).

Next lecture: The history of the College history

The next OBS lecture will be held on Monday 5 March 2018, in the Weston Library Lecture Theatre at 5.15 p.m. when ROBIN DARWALL-SMITH (University of Oxford) will speak on

The history of the College history

Histories of Oxford and Cambridge Colleges have been produced for over 350 years. Dr Robin Darwall-Smith, who has been involved in three different Oxford College history projects, reflects from personal experience on the history of this genre, and its changes down the centuries.


OBS Grants for 2018

The Oxford Bibliographical Society is offering an annual series of grants to help in defraying the costs of holding conferences, exhibitions and workshops; to support small projects such as the web-publication of unpublished catalogues of manuscripts and printed books; and to provide assistance to scholars in obtaining reproductions or undertaking essential travel (including accommodation costs) as part of projects whose aims are in line with those of the Oxford Bibliographical Society.

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