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Privacy policy

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Privacy Policy

The Oxford Bibliographical Society takes seriously its moral and legal obligations to protect the personal information it holds about individual and Council members from misuse.

The personal data we hold

In return for an annual subscription, individual members receive copies of the Society’s publications. We issue programme-cards, announcements of Annual General Meetings, and subscription renewal reminders by letter and/or by email. From time to time we may also communicate with individual members by e-mail, to issue time-sensitive notices that cannot be communicated quickly enough by other means. For these purposes we hold the following information in member-records within digital data files:

Individual members’ names and postal addresses, as supplied either on membership application forms or in correspondence on Society business between the member and an officer of the Society;

Individual members’ e-mail addresses, where supplied either on membership application forms or in e-mail correspondence on Society business between the member and an office of the Society;

In order to maintain accurate records of subscriptions paid by individual members, each member-record includes the dates on which subscriptions have been paid, and the amount paid. We also keep a record of when a membership ceases due to resignation, death or a failure to keep up subscription payments.

How personal data is stored, shared and processed

We only store personal data on systems that require individual user login to gain access and are properly protected from unauthorized access using up-to-date system protection mechanisms including firewall, anti-virus and anti-malware software.

We may use cloud-based storage to share personal data between officers of the Society with a legitimate need to collaborate on maintaining member-records and on preparing accurate summary reports on the Society’s membership and financial position for the proper management of the Society’s affairs. We will only use cloud-based storage services that comply with current UK and European data privacy law. We do not include personal information in reports on the Society’s membership and financial position, only aggregated financial and numeric data.

We use personal data to generate mailing lists for our own use in corresponding with our members and for use on our behalf by service providers, such as printers, in carrying out mailings of our publications. We only provide service providers with the minimum of information that they need to carry out mailings, i.e. names and postal addresses.

Member consent and member rights

We have the implicit consent of our existing members to hold their personal data, and ask that new members make their consent explicit in their applications to join the Society (see the application form available on the Society’s website).

A member may contact us at any time to ask to see the information we hold at that time and to request that we change or delete information that we hold or restrict its use. We will advise a member if, by deleting the information or restricting its use, we are unable to provide them with the full service due to them for their membership subscription.

Any member wishing to make a request relating to their personal information should contact the Society’s Secretary by e-mail at or by letter to The Hon. Secretary, The Oxford Bibliographical Society, Bodleian Library, Broad Street, OxfordOX1 3BG.