Forthcoming online Supplement to David G. Selwyn, The Library of Thomas Cranmer (Oxford Bibliographical Society, 1996).

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It is now nearly twenty years since the Society published The Library of Thomas Cranmer [LTC] and during the intervening period a number of ‘new’ Cranmer items have been reported.

The proposed online Supplement will include not only records for these new items, but corrections and addenda as well as enhanced binding descriptions for some existing records in LTC, with references where applicable to the two books by J. B. Oldham on English roll and panel bindings (English Blind-stamped bindings, Cambridge, 1952, or his Blind Panels of English Binders, Cambridge, 1958).

New items have come to light in the following libraries and sale catalogues. The number of new items is given in brackets, with new locations in bold type:

Cambridge, Gonville and Caius College (1)
University of Illinois (2)
(National Trust) (1)
Lincoln Cathedral Library (1)
London Private Library (1 item now located)
Oxford, Bodleian Library (1)
Oxford, Corpus Christi College (5)
Oxford Private Library (1 possible item)
Stonyhurst College (1)
St Edmundsbury Cathedral, Bury St Edmunds (1 possible item)
Tokyo Private Library (2)
Trinity College, Dublin (1)
University of Toronto (1)
The Wormsley Library (1)

Sale Catalogues (at present without current locations):

Christie’s, 8th July, 1998 (Wentworth Library) (1)
Christie’s, 3rd March, 2004, Halsted B. Vander Poel Collection of English Literature Sale (1)
Bonhams, 6
th October, 2009 (Richard Hatchwell collection) (1)

It would be appreciated if details of any further items or corrections could be reported to the author at, and this information will be acknowledged in the forthcoming Supplement

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